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Newborn Sleep Training Success Story Jas Soh

Newborn Sleep Training Success Story – Jasmine

Words of affirmation are one of my top 5 love languages. So getting lovely reviews like this always put a big smile on my face no matter how many times I get them.

I am blessed to be given the opportunity to coach families to get back their precious sleep and, I always look forward to changing tired and sleep-deprived parents’ life through my personalized 5 steps Sleep Baby Sleep program.

Sleep Deprived Parents With Toddler On Their Way To Better Sleep Web

Sleep Deprived Parents with Toddler On Their Way To Better Sleep

It’s never too late for Nadya and Jack, my newest clients. They are both professors and parents of two little ones. They have been very sleep deprived for months actually years since their toddler is now 2.5 years old. They also have a 3 months old baby. I really admire them because even though they are so tired and sleep deprived they could still crack jokes and try to stay positive despite it all.