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Sleep Disturbance Caused By Eczema2

Sleep disturbance caused by eczema

Sleep disturbance is a common complaint in children with eczema. To comfort our little ones as they itch and scratch, we parents use every single means available to assist them to rest, be it rocking, patting or even letting them lie on us to sleep.

Is Your Child Falling Sick Frequently

Is your child falling sick frequently?

As parents, our greatest wish is for our child to be healthy. However, falling sick is part and parcel of growing up. This doesn’t stop us from worrying when our child is unwell and we never fail to fret as we watch our baby or toddler suffering from the discomfort of a flu. This anxiety is even greater during the current pandemic, with more strains of Covid being discovered, each one seeming more contagious.

Sleep Program For Sick Child

Sleep Training Your Sick Child

Quite often my clients would ask me, what do I do when my child is sick? Do I still sleep train her? Should I start my sleep plan when my child is unwell?