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2 6 Month Old Baby Wakes Up Multiple Times At Night Sg Supernanny Case Study

6-month-old Baby Wakes Up Multiple Times At Night – SG Supernanny’s Case Study

Josh was waking up every 2-3 hours at night at 1am, 4am and then 6am. Both parents were exhausted and sleep deprived when they came to me for a home consultation. Josh was constantly crying, screaming and unable to fall asleep well. Parents have been seeing a PD since he was a newborn and they were told that he was too young to be sleep trained and that he would outgrow those night time wakings. Josh’s feeding is also very inconsistent and sometimes he would even refuse milk.

Understanding Your Baby's Sleep Cycle

Understanding Your Baby’s Sleep Cycle

In order to understand why your child takes short naps, first you need to understand your baby’s sleep cycle and her sleeping patterns. A child who continually takes short naps means he/she doesn’t know how to connect to their next sleep cycle when they wake up from one of their sleep cycle. A child’s natural sleep cycle typically last 30-60 minutes long.

Baby Xuheng

A Daddy’s Experience Engaging SG Supernanny

Do you ever feel like you’re alone with your sleep struggles and it will never get better? You’re not!

This is the personal experience and account from one of my past clients who shared about how it was like welcoming me into his home to help him and his wife who were struggling to put his baby to sleep.