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New Year’s Resolutions for Working Mothers

Much to everybody’s relief, we have managed to close the absolutely tumultuous chapter that is 2020. The new year brings about a promise of new beginnings, literally and figuratively. And what better time to make New Year resolutions for yourself? In this article, we talk about some of the lifestyle and mindset shifts you might want to embark on for a healthier balance in your personal and professional life.

What Is Sleep And Why Do We Sleep Web

What Is Sleep and Why Do We Sleep?

I am sure you have a strong suspicion that the more stressed you are the less sleep you will get or the more disrupted your sleep will be. Yes your suspicion is true.

Top 7 Hacks To Boost Your Health Web

Top 7 Hacks to Boost Your Health

Everyone is afraid right now. That’s understandable. We are living in scary times. No one is sure how long this COVID-19 outbreak will last. Some say 6 months, some say a year or even more.
One thing for sure, this is the new norm and we all have to do our part to be socially responsible, wash our hands with soap and water, avoid touching our faces, avoid crowded areas and practise social distancing.

Confession Mom Four Web

Confession of a Mom of Four

To all the moms out there, I just want to share that this motherhood journey is never easy. As a wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend and more, I have lots of competing interests and I need to learn to balance them all. And that’s really tough.

4 Month Sleep Regression

4th Month Sleep Regression – What is it? What can you do about it?

Just when you thought your baby is doing extremely well and sleeping through the night, napping well during the day and sticking to the routine you have set, then suddenly at 15 weeks everything you have worked so hard to achieve turns haywire! Your baby becomes hard to settle to sleep at night, with frequent waking and the day naps becomes short and unpredictable! What is happening and why is this happening all of a sudden? This is known as the 4th month sleep regression ( sometimes it happens at the 3 or 5 months ).

Sleep Program For Sick Child

Sleep Training Your Sick Child

Quite often my clients would ask me, what do I do when my child is sick? Do I still sleep train her? Should I start my sleep plan when my child is unwell?