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Can Sleep Deprivation Ruin Relationships?

Father Of 4 Kids

I have no doubt that sleepless nights can bring out the ugly in parents. We have shorter fuses when we are exhausted, and it’s completely natural to feel resentful if a partner pretends to (or really does!) sleep through the little night howls.

If you and your partner are exhausted from night wakings and fighting a lot more due to sleep deprivation, then it’s time to get help. It might even be that you find that you don’t have time to spend with your older children anymore. Contact me now for a free 15 minute sleep assessment to find out if you can use the assistance and guidance of a baby sleep training expert. You will be glad that you did so, because in just a few days, you and your family will be well rested again.

Good Read: Can Sleep Deprivation Ruin A Relationship

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