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Baby temperament can affect your child’s sleep

Baby Temperament Can Affect Your Child's Sleep

Do you know that Doctors and Sleep researchers found two types of sleep temperaments in infants and these temperaments actually affect your babies ability to sleep.

Yes, you heard it right, the two type of baby temperament that can affect your child’s sleep are Self-soothers and Signalers. Infants of approximately 6 months can be found as Self soothers, who can get themselves back to sleep, and Signalers, who cry when their sleep is disturbed. 

Self soothers are great sleepers, while signalers are problem sleepers. But, some sleep specialist say that there is no such hierarchy. As per them “Babies aren’t good or bad sleepers,” They are just different from one another.

As the name suggests, self-soothers babies are easily able to doze-off to sleep at night and get back to sleep on their own if the sleep is disturbed but, and it’s more difficult for the Signaler babies to fall and stay asleep. 

So, what’s your baby’s temperament? Self Soother or Signalers. No matter in whatever category he/she lies, all babies are beautiful. If your baby is Signaler, he/she may just take a bit longer to learn self-soothing skills. But what we do believe is that all babies deserve good quality sleep through healthy sleep habits!

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We hope these tips give you the confidence you need to continue working on your child’s sleep issues. If you need more help, please feel free to book a FREE 20 mins discovery call with us to see how we can help.

Because your family deserves the rest you all need to enjoy better quality of life. We want you to feel empowered and be a happy and confident parent and seeing your child waking up smiling and well rested – that’s just priceless!

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