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Top 5 Baby Sleep Problems

Baby Sleep Problems

Baby sleep problems can be tough to deal with. They’re often unexpected and unpredictable. Here are top 5 common issues that happen with babies who aren’t getting enough sleep.

1. Nighttime waking

The first thing to remember is that nighttime waking is normal and the key is the ability to fall back asleep. If you have a newborn, that’s a different story. Newborns need to feed and drink more during this stage and will need to wake for night feedings. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends against letting babies sleep in their parents’ bed so do put them back in the crib when they wake up at night.

2. Waking too early

The most common reason for early wakings is an overtired baby. If your baby is waking before 6am daily, you got to look at their naps and assess if the bedtime is too late. A baby that doesn’t nap well and sleep late will have higher cortisol levels in their body, resulting in early rising.

3. No nap schedule

You may be wondering why having a nap schedule is so important. Here’s the deal: sleep promotes sleep. Naps are crucial to your baby’s development and napping well keeps cortisol levels more regulated, allowing better sleep at night.

4. Trouble falling asleep

If your baby is having trouble falling asleep, it is usually because they are overtired! Babies who are overtired get a second wind of energy, making them wired and hyper. This will result in them having difficulty falling and staying asleep.

5. Not going down drowsy (wants to be rocked or fed to sleep)

Do not allow the baby to fall asleep while being rocked, held, or fed. This can lead to a sleep associations, where your child learns that he/she needs a certain activity to sleep. Instead, establish a consistent bedtime routine and make sure your baby is drowsy but awake before placing him in his crib for the night.

Babies need good sleep habits in order to thrive.

As you can see, there are many different baby sleep problems that can affect a child’s overall wellness. However, with some simple changes to their routine and habits, you can help your little one find the rest they need to grow into healthy toddlers and beyond.

If you are having problems getting your baby to sleep, it can make life difficult for both you and your child. Not sure how to fix them? Book a FREE non-obligatory 20-minutes discovery call with us today!

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