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Baby Sleep Myths You Should Know!

Time to bust all the baby sleep myths once and for all!⁣

Lots of misconceptions about our little ones’ sleep. So I hope this article will clarify it once and for all.⁣

Baby Sleep Myths

Baby Sleep Myths

MYTH: Not Letting Babies Nap Will Help Them Sleep Better at Night
FACT: Developing a healthy nap routine will help your baby sleep better

MYTH: My Baby Will Outgrow Those Night Waking
FACT: Researcher has shown that 84% of babies with sleep issues will continue until 3 y/o

MYTH: Drinking Formula Milk or Rice Cereals Help Babies Sleep Longer at Night
FACT: Babies who are exclusively on breast milk can also sleep through the night. Fostering healthy sleep habits is more important.

MYTH: It is Too Late To Sleep Train My Toddler
FACT: It is never too late to foster healthy sleeping habits

MYTH: Sleep Training Is About Letting My Baby “Cry It Out”
FACT: This is and old way of thinking. There is a wide range of gentle practices for sleep training.

Please help me share this article so more tired parents out there will know the real facts about baby’s sleep!⁣

As always, you can book a FREE discovery call with me or my Dream Team if you want to know how we can help you get back your precious sleep and learn and train your baby to a healthier sleep habits.

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