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Should you get a baby sleep consultant? How do you choose one?

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Waking with your baby several times each night and exhausted from the lack of sleep? Tried to DIY sleep training but getting nowhere? That’s when you ought to call in reinforcements: a baby sleep consultant.

What is a baby sleep consultant?

A baby sleep consultant is a coach that support and journey with you to getting better sleep for your family. We teach you how to establish an age—appropriate schedule and guide you to foster healthy sleep habits for your child that last for a lifetime.

So how can you go about choosing a baby sleep consultant?

Look for experience

You ought to look for a baby sleep consultant with experience. While it’s important to find someone who is passionate about helping children and parents, it’s equally important that the baby sleep consultant has been helping them for some time.

Sleep Supernanny’s 5-steps system have been turning mombies into sleeping beauties since 2013 and we have helped thousands of families regain their quality sleep!

Ask For References

Another way to vet a prospective consultant is by looking at testimonials from former clients. If a consultant has worked with lots of babies, there will be many who can vouch for them online. This can tell you if they were pleased with the service received.

Here at Sleep Supernanny, we take pride in our hundreds of testimonials and reviews that can be found in Google and Facebook! You can also see them in our success stories page.

Find a baby sleep consultant you are comfortable with

If you decide to hire a sleep consultant, the most important thing is to find one who provides you with the confidence and reassurance that she will be there for you during this journey!

We hope that this guide has helped you find the best baby sleep consultant for your family. Want to find out if we are the right fit? Book a FREE 20-mins discovery call with myself or my Dream Team today!

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