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Does your child require a night light when sleeping?

Does Your Child Require A Night Light When Sleeping

“Will my little one be afraid of the dark while sleeping? Is that why my child is having frequent night wakings? Should I place a night light for him/her?”

These are common concerns that parents have but your child does not require a night light while sleeping!

Why is that so? Light has a great impact on our body’s circadian rhythm, sleep and alertness. Exposure to excess artificial light from a night light:

  1. Can result in our circadian rhythm being out of sync
  2. Slow your child’s production of melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep
  3. Impede transitions between sleep cycles and cause frequent wakings, thereby disrupting sleep and decreasing time spent in restorative stages of sleep

Hence, your little one does not need to have a night light switched on while sleeping!

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