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Are your kids still waking up every night?


Since I started this business, I have been in discussion with a few parents and I found out that their kids are still waking up in the middle of the night asking for milk or needing their parents to be there with them. While I do respect the parents for their sacrifices and being able to cope with not having a good night sleep, I do symphatize with their struggles to get their children to sleep through the night. I believe you can get your child to sleep through the night with some training. It may not be easy in the short run (as there would be some resistance as you would expect with any changes) but in the long run, you will be so thankful that you started them young so that you and your child could have that good night sleep that you both equally deserved. Here’s to a good night sleep in 2014! Give me a call or email me to see how I can help.

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