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Announcing The Launch Of Sleep Baby Sleep Chinese eBook

Sleep Baby Sleep Chinese Ebook

It took me 2 years to write the Sleep Baby Sleep eBook and it took me another 2 years to get it translated to Chinese version! A lot of going back and forth between the publisher, the translator and the author, i.e. me!

The reason why I didn’t mind working so hard to get my Sleep Baby Sleep translated was because for years, I got so many parents telling me the grandparents are very much against sleep training. And they find it hard to understand the whole concept of sleep training.

That’s why I hope that with my Chinese Sleep Baby Sleep eBook, I will be able to make a difference and even if I can just change the mindset of one Chinese speaking grandparents about sleep training, I consider that as a win! 🙂


I hope if you have any Chinese speaking friends who would benefit from this book too, please feel free to share with them. I would greatly appreciate your help to spread the message to more tired and sleep deprived families out there regardless of languages! 

Thank you so much!!

Sleep Baby Sleep Chinese Ebook

Click on the image to get instant access to my Chinese eBook!

Be sure to get your copy and share it with another parent who needs this information too!

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