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Sara - Sleep Supernanny

Hi! I’m Sara.

I am a mother of 4 kids. 

Becoming a mother can be a journey of joy and an emotional roller coaster! The reality hits me during the 2nd week after we brought home our  first-born from the hospital. I was crying to my husband because breastfeeding was painful and everything was just too overwhelming because I couldn’t sleep well. My mother would be helping in the day, yet I would wake up suddenly and ask if the baby was crying.  Even in my dreams I can hear my daughter’s cry! It was terrible.

I  turned to baby sleep training books to find some routine and followed it very strictly but, the stress sticking to what the books have offered made me into a very high-strung mother.  It made me want to give up. 

Thankfully, a few friends continued to support me through this period and made me persevere in baby sleep training.

After lots of tears and several trial and errors, my first-born managed to sleep better.  It wasn’t an easy journey for us but it was worth it to know the importance of consistency to prevent bad sleeping habits to form.

As our family grew bigger and so as the challenges, the only difference was I know now how to sleep train my children and I am more determined to give them good sleep habits.

Each of my children have unique challenges when it comes to baby sleep training but it always amazes me when they finally learn  self-soothing techniques. 

Baby sleep training does wonders for my kids, they aren’t just sleeping but they are sleeping better!

Give me the permission to brag how my husband and I can leave the kids with their grandparents or nanny for a date night together!

I wish for more parents to discover the wonders of  baby sleep training and instill it to their children especially in the early years.

While baby sleep training had been daunting for me as a first-time mother back then, it doesn’t have to be that case for you!  Through the struggles I faced in my own journey, I hope to support you through yours and help give you the confidence of putting your child to bed. I believe it is important to cultivate good sleeping habits and am so excited to work with Zoe in bringing more sleep to exhausted parents like you!

Sara is an amazing sleep coach - she is informative, patient and most importantly passionate and genuine in helping us achieve good quality sleep for our little one. She readily answers our questions/concerns, and also reassures us when we feel discouraged. We have benefited greatly from all her help and would most definitely recommend her!! Thank you Sara!! 🙂
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