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Lilin Khoo

Hi! I’m Li Lin.

I’m a mom of a beautiful little girl who is constantly teaching me how to be a better person every day!

The challenges of motherhood took me by surprise. I had heard so much about all the sweet moments and immense joy that a child can bring but nothing prepared me for exactly how tough navigating the newborn phase could be.

The emotional rollercoaster of recovering from labour, the stress of breastfeeding, amplified by the lack of sleep from feeding and pumping throughout the day… the list goes on.

I became very resentful each time my baby would wake up early from her nap or refused to go to sleep as this meant that I could not get the rest I needed myself as well. I was grumpy, anxious and struggling so hard to just survive, I could barely enjoy this journey of motherhood.

Thankfully, I stumbled upon some baby sleep courses online and my husband and I were able to gently lay the foundations of good sleeping habits for our little one. She was sleeping through the night, 11-12 hours each night from the time she was 2 months old.

But as our baby got to about 5months old, she started to become more aware of her surroundings and nap times became a struggle even with baby wearing.

Even though our baby was still sleeping well through the night, her poor naps during the day affected her mood and capacity to handle stimulation. She started to accumulate sleep debt and became an overtired baby. With the end of my maternity leave creeping up on me, I started to feel anxious and frustrated again.

I was clueless about how to go about nap training and that’s when I reached out to Zoe to handhold me through the process and to give me the assurance that I was doing the right thing for my baby. With Zoe’s five step system, our baby eventually started to take longer naps. Her overall wellbeing and mood improved and she could handle so much more stimuli during the day without getting overwhelmed and spiralling into meltdown mode.

Our baby was more well rested, and my husband and I had so much more predictability in our routine and to this day, we still enjoy time to ourselves in the evenings after our baby goes to bed.

Having successfully helped my baby lay the healthy, strong foundations of both day and night sleep and seeing her thrive with a well rested body, I am a firm believer in setting good sleep habits as early as possible and in helping other parents achieve the same for their babies and for themselves.

Sleep is THE foundation to good health. What better gift is there for our children and ourselves, than a good night’s rest

Working with Alicia was a pleasant experience. She listened to our concerns, offered suggestions and tried her best to troubleshoot and answered our questions.

What impressed me most about Alicia was her willingness to provide lots of encouragement throughout the sleep coaching process. She would be there to assure us that this is a learning process for our child and also celebrate the little achievements when our child slept well!
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Former Mombie turned Sleeping Beauty
Alicia has been very helpful and encouraging. She shared different options and is able to advice on how we can tweak the plan to suit our needs and comfort level. We managed to wean off night feeding after a few days and baby more or less sleeps through the night. My husband and I no longer take turns to sleep with her and she can sleep by herself, so we also get back some me time and couple time to just watch TV and relax at night. Baby also used to only nap for longer periods when carried, but now she is able to nap in her cot. It’s not perfect, because we chose milder ways of sleep training but it’s been a great improvement and we really appreciate Alicia’s advice and support.
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Former Mombie turned Sleeping Beauty
Throughout this entire sleep training journey, we are very thankful to have had Alicia guide us and answer whatever questions we had, not only with regards to sleep but also other areas as well. She has helped us become so much more confident in managing our baby's sleep and we feel more empowered to face whatever changes that may come our way! She is extremely supportive and encouraging as well and that definitely helped us feel more relieved and comforted that we were on the right track.
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Former Mombie turned Sleeping Beauty

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