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Hi! I am Huimin.

I’m married to Ben and together we have our toddler aka tornado Elliot! I feel very blessed to have experienced one of the best gifts from God – parenthood.

However, this didn’t start off easy with us! I thought I knew enough information to make my baby sleep – boy, was I wrong.

Things were very rocky after the hospital days as my son did not feed well and showed signs of reflux so he had to be carried upright for his sleeps or rocked to sleep. Navigating breastfeeding as a first-time mum, insecure about my choices and decisions I wasn’t enjoying motherhood at all.

I became very resentful that my husband could leave for work two weeks into this new life and resume his ‘old life’ while I was stuck in my old life.

Gradually, my health started to take a toll as I suffered from sleep deprivation and I was eating a lot of junk food just to stay awake in the middle of the night.

I signed up with an online sleep module which gave me a good start to learning about fostering healthy sleep habits. While the information helped me understand a lot of things, my son started waking up every hour when he was four months old. When I told my mum about it. Her response was “it’s ok, it’s normal..”

I was told that I was “selfish” and even had multiple interventions by my family to try and convince me not to try and change anything.

However, the sleepless nights were unbearable and I found a sleep consultant who was both gentle yet firm. She supported me through while we navigated sleep coaching our son and my son has since been sleeping through the night since then.

I can confidently put my son down for bedtime, head out for date night with my husband or girls night and enjoy the night thoroughly knowing that he will sleep well with no issues! Even my mum is now completely sold on the beauty of sleep learning as she can have her down time as well while helping us watch Elliot during the day.

I have since helped many families get their precious sleep back and have had a dream of continuing to bless many more.

I found Zoe and the Sleep Supernanny team through a mutual friend who was her ex-client and have found that her sleep ethos and five-step system is incredibly effective and I have only heard incredible success stories through her clients. She is warm, personable and such an advocate for healthy sleep. The moment she told me about her Dream Team, I jumped at the opportunity to say ‘Yes’ and am so eager to help you and your family take your sleep back!

Attending Huimin’s newborn sleep course while pregnant gave me the confidence as a first time mum to feel prepared for the 4th trimester (which i was so scared of!) Huimin gave us foundational knowledge on what habits to implement since day one and life-saving settling techniques which have saved my sanity so many times this first month of being a mum! Huimin is also so easily contactable and has answered my many questions during this time.

Can’t thank you enough Huimin Wong Sulung.
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Diana Loo
Former Mombie Now Turned Sleeping Beauty
Absolutely recommend Huimin to mummies out there who needs to reclaim back their sleep! Huimin has been very supportive and patient with us throughout our journey of sleep training. She tries to answer my endless questions to the best of her abilities and never fail to encourage me when the going gets tough. Am very happy that I manage to catch more rest now since my boy is having better sleep in the day and night Definitely feel more confident in handling my baby's nap and bedtime.
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Kailan Tan
Former Mombie Now Turned Sleeping Beauty
We engaged Zoe's dream team hui min for our 3yo son. Our son had sleep regression and would wake up 3-4 times a night screaming for us. This went on for a month or so and it really wore us out. It wasn't easy for the first 2 days definitely. As there were lots of screaming and tears from the little one. However, we followed Hui min's sleep planned as discussed and we are so thankfuly that our little one started sleeping on his own thru the night by the 5th night! We do not need to fall asleep with him and we now have so much more free time!!

Thank you Hui Min for your dedication and constant follow up with us through this period!! We truly appreciate it!!
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Koh Jiahui
Former Mombie Now Turned Sleeping Beauty

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