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Han Ying

Hi! I’m Han Ying.

I know from personal experience how exhausting it can be when your little one isn’t sleeping well.

I was the Mombie. The zombie-like first-time mum who was so sleep deprived. My days and nights were consumed with endless rocking, patting, and carrying my baby girl Vera to sleep when she was 2 months old. My emotional and physical well-being started to take their toll; I was getting little sleep and had no time to myself to rejuvenate.

I knew it was my responsibility as a mum to find a sustainable solution for Vera, and myself so we can get the sleep we needed. That’s when I learned about sleep training and reached out to a sleep consultant for help.

My husband was skeptical about sleep training at first, but he soon became a huge advocate when Vera slept through the night on the second night. She was 3.5 months old then. The first thing we noticed after sleep training was that Vera was happier, more alert, and engaging in the day. She was also developing more rapidly than before. I am glad we had made the right decision for her and for us. She is a happy bub, and I am a well-rested mum.

I knew I wanted nothing more but to be able to share this gift of sleep with other parents and babies as well, so I want to become a sleep consultant to help sleep deprived parents to get more sleep at night, reclaim their days, and restore their sanity.

Zoe’s passion for sleep consulting, coupled with her positive and welcoming nature, creates an environment where I would feel valued and motivated to excel, and this is what makes me feel excited to be part of Sleep Supernanny Dream Team.

Being part of Sleep Supernanny Dream Team would not only allow me to work with a dedicated team, united by the common goal of making a positive impact on families’ lives and bringing them the gift of restful sleep, but it would also bring a profound sense of purpose and fulfillment to my life.

Sleep isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessary part of our wellbeing. It’s time to start taking care of your body, mind, and soul – because you deserve it, mama!

Working with Alicia was a pleasant experience. She listened to our concerns, offered suggestions and tried her best to troubleshoot and answered our questions.

What impressed me most about Alicia was her willingness to provide lots of encouragement throughout the sleep coaching process. She would be there to assure us that this is a learning process for our child and also celebrate the little achievements when our child slept well!
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Former Mombie turned Sleeping Beauty
Alicia has been very helpful and encouraging. She shared different options and is able to advice on how we can tweak the plan to suit our needs and comfort level. We managed to wean off night feeding after a few days and baby more or less sleeps through the night. My husband and I no longer take turns to sleep with her and she can sleep by herself, so we also get back some me time and couple time to just watch TV and relax at night. Baby also used to only nap for longer periods when carried, but now she is able to nap in her cot. It’s not perfect, because we chose milder ways of sleep training but it’s been a great improvement and we really appreciate Alicia’s advice and support.
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Zoey Tay
Former Mombie turned Sleeping Beauty
Throughout this entire sleep training journey, we are very thankful to have had Alicia guide us and answer whatever questions we had, not only with regards to sleep but also other areas as well. She has helped us become so much more confident in managing our baby's sleep and we feel more empowered to face whatever changes that may come our way! She is extremely supportive and encouraging as well and that definitely helped us feel more relieved and comforted that we were on the right track.
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Former Mombie turned Sleeping Beauty

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