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Estee- Sleep Supernanny

Hi! I’m Estee.

I’m a mom of 2 beautiful girls and I love them to the moon and back!

My first weeks as a mum did not start off easy. My two babies were the spirited type and it was so difficult just to get them to fall asleep, and to stay asleep for long was nearly impossible. It didn’t help that I struggled with other postnatal issues like a low milk supply and postnatal blues.

Since patting and rocking did not help my babies sleep, I had to carry them through their naps. I found myself crying quite often because there was just so much to do and I was in no
capacity to get anything done. I was strapped to the baby day and night with a constant ache in my shoulders and back. My days were felt terribly long and dreadful. I was not enjoying motherhood at all.

One day, a dear friend visited me and she suggested that I try sleep training. After some trial and error, my husband and I managed to get our firstborn to sleep through the night when she was one year old. It was not without some hiccups of course. We made many mistakes along the way and were constantly finding ways to make her sleep better as she grows.

When we found out that we were having our second child, we knew without a doubt that we needed the help of a sleep trainer. All thanks to her guidance and support, we were able to sleep train our second child in a much shorter time using very simple and effective methods. Our second child was sleeping through the night by 8 weeks old and I had time to focus on my first child, and also have extra time for myself while they both nap.

In my husband and my opinion, seeking help from a sleep trainer was the best investment ever. No expensive cots or rockers can make the baby sleep independently, unless you teach her how to!

Looking back, we can see how sleep training has greatly benefited not just our kids, but our entire family… and I cannot wait to share my secrets with you in the journey to getting wonderful sleep!

Our 4 months old baby was really cranky all the time and could barely sleep through the night when we first started off. Estee was really patient and professional. Most importantly, she was able to work with us on our terms, our needs and our schedule. We saw results quickly after we started sleep training in earnest. The little one now sleeps through the night without needing the whole song and dance routine. Big thanks to Estee!
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