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Estee- Sleep Supernanny

Hi! I’m Estee.

I’m a mom of 2 beautiful girls and I love them to the moon and back!

My first weeks as a mum did not start off easy. My baby was the spirited type and it was so difficult to get her to fall asleep, and to stay asleep for long was nearly impossible. It didn’t help that I struggled with issues like a low milk supply and postnatal blues.

Since patting and rocking did not help my baby sleep, I had to carry her through her naps. I found myself crying quite often because there was just so much to do and I was in no capacity to get anything done. I was strapped to the baby day and night with a constant ache in my back. My days were terribly long and dreadful. I was not enjoying motherhood at all.

One day, a dear friend shared with me about sleep training. After much trial and error, my husband and I managed to get our baby to sleep through the night when she was one year old. We made many mistakes along the way and were constantly finding new ways to help her sleep better as time goes.

When we found out that we were welcoming our second child, we knew without a doubt that engaging a sleep trainer was the way to go. With her expertise and support, our second child was sleeping through the night by 8 weeks old. It was so much sooner and simpler than when we had to figure it ourselves with our first child. Thanks to sleep training, I was able to spend one on one time with my first child (less mum guilt!) and also have time for myself while they both rest.

In my husband and my opinion, engaging a sleep trainer was the best investment ever. No magic cots or rockers can make the baby sleep independently, unless you teach them how.

Looking back, sleep training has greatly benefited not just our kids, but our entire family… and I cannot wait to share my secrets with you in the journey to getting wonderful sleep, because I know everyone deserves a good night’s rest, especially mums!

"Our first child was a great sleeper so we thought it’d be a breeze with our second. But no, she needed to be held or nursed to sleep, and was waking up multiple times too. We are so glad we reached out to Estee! She understood our situation perfectly and made us feel seen and comforted. Her confidence brought calm to the situation and with a clear guiding hand she showed us that even a difficult baby can be taught how to sleep well. Within a few days, our baby was no longer nursed nor held to sleep. She goes down into her crib babbling and has learnt to fall asleep on her own. We are so thankful for Estee’s expertise and it is with her help that we are now able to have restful nights and a happy well rested baby!”
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June & Keat
Joined Sleep Supernanny’s Sleep Baby Sleep Programme when their child was 6 months old
"My husband and I are aligned that we need to start our second child (Emma) with good sleep habits since we tried to DIY for our first child but did not succeed.Thanks to Estee, Emma knows what to expect and is able to go to sleep independently. Estee has been patient in reassuring us and checking-in from time to time to ensure both baby and parents are doing okay. Engaging Estee is certainly a good investment for the family!”
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Eunice Chan
Joined Sleep Supernanny’s Sleep Baby Sleep Programme when her child was 4 months old

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