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Hi! I’m Charlotte.

I am a mother of two boys, aged 2 years apart.

My firstborn was conceived 3 years after my marriage to my husband, Kar Shiang. We thought that life as a woman would be renewed after becoming a mother. Indeed, life as a first-time mother has its rosy parts, however, the lack of experience and the myriad of advice from parents, relatives and neighbours can get you pretty confused and lost at

Fast forward to when my firstborn is eight months old and the second sleep regression hits. We relied on a lot of external sleep props to get him to sleep and he was not able to sleep for long stretches – waking up every 45 minutes at night wanting to be rocked to sleep.

Charlotte Toh Yie Yng

This did not pass with time, and I eventually gave up as the multiple night wakings were disrupting my husband’s as well as my overall wellbeing due to the lack of ample rest. This took a toll on our marital relationship as I felt resentful towards everything and everyone around me.

Realising this and how my baby’s sleep has adversely affected us, I turned to Sleep Supernanny for help. With guidance, my firstborn was able to sleep for 8 hours straight on the first night before his first waking and took another 20 minutes to re-settle back to sleep. It was mind-blowing.

We regained our long-awaited rest and my firstborn thrived better with better sleep. With this, we felt confident to expand our family and had our second-born, whom we fostered healthy sleep habits from the day we brought him back from the hospital.

My husband and I were also able to go for our date nights, after our children had slept, for just a simple meal and sharing our day, and that has also helped to bring us closer as a couple.

As an ex-client of Sleep Supernanny, I have witnessed how sleep struggles is real among families, especially with first-time mothers. As such, I want to provide assistance and assurance as well as support to this group of mothers. I believe that not only do we give babies ample attention, mothers need our care and concern too.

Therefore, I wish for more parents to see the importance of sleep as well as the benefits of fostering healthy sleep habits in babies. I look forward to working with Zoe to improve your baby’s sleep and allowing you to experience a more restful parenthood journey!

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Charlotte Toh Yie Yng