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Hi! I’m Alicia.

I’m a huge huge believer that happiness consists of getting enough sleep (Yes, it’s possible even though I have a baby and a toddler!)

I became really interested in sleep training after the birth of my daughter. Many told me to get as much sleep as possible when I was pregnant since I won’t be having enough when she’s born. I didn’t believe them. Don’t babies spend most of their days sleeping?

Boy, was I in for a shock. The longest stretch of sleep I had during her first few months was 1.5 hours. Being inexperienced and with many saying that breast milk is not as filling as formula milk, I thought she was hungry each time she cried and breastfed her on a regular basis. That resulted her in always nursing to sleep and treating me as her personal pacifier.

Her multiple night wakings and poor naps continued till she was 6 months old. By then, I was completely exhausted, both physically and mentally. Sleep deprivation was taking a toll on our family. One morning, I looked at her after she woke and realised how tired she looked. It’s definitely not normal for her to be so worn out after waking from a night of sleep!

That spurred me to find a solution and I found Zoe. Sleep training is the BEST decision we ever made. My daughter slept through the night by the second night and she had solid long naps within two weeks. We saw the numerous benefits of my daughter having quality sleep and sleep trained our son, who slept through the night when he was 10 weeks old.

Fostering good sleeping habits in my kids made me realise the amount of knowledge involved and I became even more interested to learn about it. Many families aren’t having sufficient sleep and I wish to be able to share my experience so more get well rested nights like I did.

Looking forward to empowering you to get quality sleep for you and your children!

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