6-month-old Baby Wakes Up Multiple Times At Night - SG Supernanny Case Study

6-month-old Baby Wakes Up Multiple Times At Night – SG Supernanny’s Case Study

2 6 Month Old Baby Wakes Up Multiple Times At Night Sg Supernanny Case Study

This is a case study from a real-life mother who reached out for help. I hope by sharing case studies, it may help other families who are in the same, or similar, situations. We all have different parenting styles, there’s no right and wrong. We all only want the best for our kids and what works for one family may not work for another.

Baby’s Name: Josh

Age: 6 months

Mother: Kat

Sleep Issues: Rely on pacifier, multiple night wakings, unable to wean off the night feeds

Josh was waking up every 2-3 hours at night at 1am, 4am and then 6am. Both parents were exhausted and sleep deprived when they came to me for a home consultation. Josh was constantly crying, screaming and unable to fall asleep well. Parents have been seeing a PD since he was a newborn and they were told that he was too young to be sleep trained and that he would outgrow those night time wakings. Josh’s feeding is also very inconsistent and sometimes he would even refuse milk.

The Outcome:

Within 2 days, Josh went to sleep by 7pm and slept through the night until 7am the next day. Parents were so proud of his accomplishment in such a short period of time and he could even nap for 1.5 hours during the day which usually takes weeks for most babies to master solid naps.

SG Supernanny’s Take:

Josh was being kept awake for too long and he was catnapping a lot as his parents just didn’t know that he wasn’t done napping after he woke up from just one sleep cycle. A child who catnaps during the day would struggle to sleep well at night as well.  During the sleep program implementation, Josh managed to resettle on his own after his parents were told to allow Josh to find his own way back to sleep after one sleep cycle. It worked like a charm, after 20-25 mins of waking up from his one sleep cycle nap, Josh surprised his parents by falling back to sleep again!

“We are so happy to see our baby coping so well! Very proud of him!”

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