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5 Things To Help You Unwind Before Bed

With the current times, quality sleep is a struggle for many. Poor sleep is connected to a decrease in overall mental and physical health, however, quality sleep can improve them.

Here are some tips to help you unwind before bed!

☕️ Chamomile tea. Try drinking a hot cup of tea an hour before bed. Make sure it is decaffeinated!

📚 Read. Try replacing scrolling through social media with a book or magazine to help you relax your mind.

🛀 Take a shower or a bath. A hot shower or bath at the end of the day can help release tension from your body & ease your mind.

✍🏻 Journal your worries & to-dos. Write down everything that is bothering you or thankful for on pen and paper.

📲 Power down. Put your phone away at least an hour before bed. Give your thoughts some time to settle.

We hope these tips help! If you experience uneasiness and restlessness when trying to sleep for so long it’s time to connect with me at yoursleepbff.com. Book a FREE discovery call with me and we can discuss more about your situation!

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