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3 Tips To Manage Your Child’s Sleep During Holidays

Tips To Manage Your Child’s Sleep During Holidays

Is your family going on a trip this holiday? Worried about how you will manage your child’s sleep when overseas?

Here are 3 tips to minimise the possibility of having an overtired, cranky child while travelling:

1. Try not to over schedule

There are so many things you wish to see and do while on a holiday but try not to over schedule! Have some “chill” days where you can let your child rest.

2. Look out for sleepy cues and get your little one to nap on the go

Is your baby rubbing eyes or becoming less interested in the surroundings? Does he/she seem less active or quieter? Try to get your little one to nap in the stroller or baby carrier if you notice any of these sleepy cues!

3. Expose your child to sunlight during the day and darkness at bedtime

This is really important if you are travelling to a country with a different time zone! Light has a powerful effect on our body’s circadian rhythm, alertness and sleep. Hence, exposure to natural light can make it easier to adjust his/her body clock to the different time zone.

Hope these holiday sleep tips help! If your little one doesn’t sleep as well, just go with the flow and enjoy your holiday!

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