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11 Things I Would Tell This Girl (Zoe in her 20s)

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1. Life is fragile. Always be thankful everyday that you are alive. You never know what’s going to happen. Cherish every moment with your loved ones (Yes you will be hit by a car one day but you will survive it all, the pain, the suffering and the depression with the undying love and support of your family and your good friends)

2. Love God and love your family. They will always be there for you. No matter what.

3. Always be teachable. You don’t know it all. Stay humble and kind. Thank you @thetimmcgraw for the reminder with your beautiful song.

4. You don’t always have to win all the arguments. It takes courage and strength to admit you are wrong and saying you’re sorry. (Especially to your husband @thenzdentist)

5. You have so much love to give. More than you will ever know. Your husband, your kids, your family and your friends…

6. Put on sunscreen when you go out, don’t be lazy. Trust me.

7. Always treasure all your friendships. Don’t ever take them for granted. Pick up the phone and call someone you care about. Listen to their stories.

8. Be smart with money. Learn to invest wisely. Money is an unlimited resource. Time on the other hand is finite.

9. Your body will change in ways you won’t like it at all especially after giving birth to your 4 kids. But learn to like it anyway. It’s what makes you- YOU. A mommy.

10. Dream big. Never be afraid to fail. Pick yourself up again even after you fall.

11. Choose happiness. Fill your life with gratitude. Choose them even when it’s hard.

Happy birthday Zoe! You have come a long way. There’s so much more to learn along the way. Fasten your seat belt. Enjoy the ride of your life. Live up to the meaning of your name: Full of Life.

Share with me below👇🏻 what’s ONE thing you would share with your younger self too OR pick one of the advice that resonate with you the most and you will stand a chance to win a free copy of my eBook Sleep Baby Sleep worth $30 as my birthday gift for you!!

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